TOP 10 Best Survival Kits

Which survival kit is better to buy?

Before buying such a kit, you should decide on the list of accessories that should be in it. Everything is decided by the features of the future use of the kit. The basic accessories required for both a short hike and a long expedition include:

  • flint,
  • utility knife or saw,
  • lamp.

It is important to pay attention to the materials of manufacture of the main tools. Survival kits are generally associated with poor weather conditions, high humidity and pollution.

Accessories should be made of corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant materials and be designed to be easy to clean.

It is worth considering the packaging features of the kit. It can be in the form of a zip-lock bag, plastic case, metal box, etc. Sturdy and sealed packaging is required for comfortable transportation in a backpack, pocket or car. This will not only protect the kit from damage and external influences, but also prevent the loss of small tools.

When a dangerous situation arises, being in the wilderness or in the dark, the owner should be able to quickly use the basic tools. Attachments to clothes, neck laces, lodgements, etc. will help with this.

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits

Travel kits for long hikes and compact kits that will always be at hand.

Best All-in-one Survival Kits

These kits include a wide variety of aids and accessories. This expands the range of their applications and allows them to be used in the most difficult conditions. The versatile sets are useful on long hikes and expeditions.

#1 Emergency 15-in-1


The HX Outdoors kit comes in a plastic carrying case with a handle for easy storage and transport. Accessory trays help keep them securely in place and reduce the risk of loss. The set includes, among other things, a shovel, pliers, screwdrivers, cullet, icebreaker and saw.

Case dimensions – 42.5×21.5×7.5 cm, weight 2.3 kg. The first aid kit in the kit makes it possible to quickly provide first aid in the event of a health hazardous situation. With the help of magnesium flint, the owner can start a fire in any situation. The flashlight provides convenient use of tools at any time of the day.

  • rich equipment;
  • ease of carrying;
  • durable case;
  • stainless tools;
  • bright lantern.
  • heavy.

The kit is designed for transportation in a car – a universal choice for use on long trips outside the city.

#2 Expedition ECS-05

Expedition ECS-05

This model has a sturdy package made of wood. Inside there are cradles for all included accessories for easy storage and transport. The tools are presented in the form of interchangeable attachments attached to the universal handle with a special safety lock.

Box dimensions – 28x21x6.5 cm, weight 1.5 kg. For quick access to the set of tools, you can use the compact case. It is securely fixed on a jacket pocket, belt or backpack, so that the owner has the opportunity to use a knife, saw, fork, bottle opener or fish peeler at any time.

  • gift wrap;
  • ease of transportation;
  • compact case;
  • reliable fixation of the tool;
  • quick change of attachments.
  • large dimensions of the box itself.

Expedition ECS-05 set can be bought as a gift. Moreover, it is a good solution for hiking or fishing trips.

#3 Survival Kit Basic Kit 31000700


The Gerber Bear Grylls basic set includes a Gerber Mini-Paraframe folding knife with a semi-serrated blade. The Liner Lock provides reliable fixation in the unfolded position.

Waterproof matches, cotton tinder and flint with a chair make it possible to light a fire in the rain or snow. A whistle for sound signals, a survival guide and a nylon cord to create a snare will make hunting easier. All accessories are packed in a sealed case 114×127 mm, which allows them to be stored in high humidity conditions. The set weighs only 120 grams.

  • small dimensions and weight;
  • sealed packaging;
  • reliable knife included;
  • convenience of storage.
  • the price for such a set is high.

The Survival Basic Kit will help the wearer to live a few days in the wilderness in case of emergency.

#4 Humvee Survival Kit


Humvee Survival Kit The included HMV-CP-12 Chainsaw makes it easy to prepare brushwood and large branches for fire support or shelter at night. Comfortable work in the dark is facilitated by the presence of a compact LED flashlight powered by an AAA battery.

With the help of a compass, you can quickly navigate in unfamiliar terrain. A fire with a chair makes it easier to make a fire. Drawstring slots allow you to conveniently place accessories on your belt or backpack strap for quick access.

  • comfortable to wear;
  • bright lantern;
  • multifunctional ruler included;
  • stainless materials;
  • low price.
  • lack of packaging, cover or case.

The Humvee HMV-CP-12 contains all the gear you need to survive, but it’s only enough for a short hike.

#5 Boyscout Survive at Any Cost



The set includes all the necessary accessories for a comfortable outdoor recreation, including a knife, bowl, flashlight, mug. Ten tablets of dry fuel and rolls for ignition will allow you to quickly build a fire. Special matches are not afraid of wind and moisture.

The weight of the set is 510 grams. The main material for the cookware is stainless steel, which makes it resistant to any operating conditions. The compact package with a handle makes the kit easy to store and carry.

  • stainless dishes and thermo mug;
  • compact knife;
  • ease of carrying;
  • bright lantern.
  • unreliable packaging.

Boyscout Survival Kit can be presented to a teenager or an adult who loves long hikes.

Best Pocket Survival Kits

The features of such models include small dimensions and weight, ease of storage and portability. These include the most important tools and equipment for survival in the wilderness. Pocket sets can be taken with you on any trip.

#6 Stride Ster


The set contains two elements. The dimensions of the package are 14×11.7×2.4 cm, the weight of the set is 270 g.

The multifunctional knife has a folding design and is equipped with a linear lock, which ensures reliable fixation in the unfolded position, and the safety of the owner. The built-in flashlight makes it easier to work in the dark, the chair helps to light a fire.

The sharpener has tungsten, ceramic plates, and a diamond-coated pull-out bar. This guarantees a quality finish for both conventional and serrated blades. All main elements are made of stainless steel.

  • corrosion resistance;
  • compact size;
  • belt clip;
  • durable materials.
  • the knife is heavy.

Stride Ster is suitable for everyday wear – a reliable choice for modern knife lovers.

#7 Savotta 361010


The metal box is for easy carrying of all accessories. The set includes two tablets of dry fuel, two cotton wool rolls, a string saw and a flint box. The rod of the latter is made of ferroalloy material and has a resource of up to ten thousand strokes, which ensures a long service life.

The weight of the kit is 70 grams, the dimensions of the package are 65x25x95 mm. The temperature of the spark is cut up to 3000 ° C. This allows you to easily ignite dry grass, small chips, paper, shavings, etc. The impossibility of self-ignition guarantees the safety of storing all elements in one place.

  • sturdy box and easy to carry;
  • durable flint;
  • security;
  • low price.
  • thin saw band.

Savotta 361010 will be useful for making fire in any conditions. The right choice for people in the field and for outdoor enthusiasts.

#8 SOS No. 9 Pioneer

SOS No. 9 Pioneer

The kit is supplied in a tin box for easy portability and eliminates the possibility of losing accessories. Fire “Eternal matches” is filled with any gas-forming or combustible substance, is not afraid of water and cold, has a resource of about 200 light fires.

The dimensions of the box are 90x90x22 mm with a weight of 120 g. The pressed towel can be used as tinder to support the fire, filter element for water, respirator or napkin. The can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench and file are made of high quality steel and are highly durable.

  • durable tools;
  • metal packaging;
  • universal towel;
  • strong nylon cord;
  • accurate compass.
  • leaky box.

SOS №9 Pioneer can be carried everywhere with you. An excellent helper on a long hike or on vacation.

#9 Outdoor Element Wombat


The model is made in the form of a key ring. The carbine allows you to include it in a bundle or place it on equipment. Having three kindling lights will make it easier to start a fire in bad weather or when there is not enough brushwood. The compact screwdriver with a polished surface can be used as a signal mirror.

To attract attention, a whistle is provided, the volume of which reaches 115 dB. The complete sealed capsule has a length of 67 mm, protects accessories from moisture and can be stored in any conditions.

  • ease of carrying;
  • durable waterproof capsule;
  • low price.
  • kindling lights up for a long time.

Outdoor Element Wombat will increase your chances of survival in the wilderness. The set is convenient for carrying with you at all times.

#10 Survive p4098


The set includes a compact flint box with a drawstring for comfortable placement on a backpack or clothing. Its ergonomic handle made of impact-resistant plastic makes it easy to grip and prevents slipping out of your hands when operating in bad weather. Bright orange color makes it easy to find if lost.

The miniature whistle is equipped with a metal chain and can be included in a key ring or other accessories. With its help, the owner has the ability to send signals over a long distance, which increases the chances of detection.

  • comfortable to wear;
  • ergonomic flint handle;
  • loud whistle;
  • low price.
  • fragile cord.

Survive p4098 is worth carrying for emergencies. This is an inexpensive solution for fishermen, tourists, mushroom pickers, hunters.

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