Best Unloading Vests and RPS

Which Unloading Vest is Better to Buy

Before buying a vest, you should pay attention to the number of pockets – it directly affects the number of things you can carry. The presence of compartments of various sizes will allow you to conveniently store both small accessories and large tools or devices.

We advise you to consider the method of fixing the vest. The most common fasteners are zippers and fastexes. Models with semi-automatic fasteners are more convenient in adjustment, which allows the system to be worn by people of different sizes or to put on unloading on outerwear.

Zip vests provide a snug fit and fit faster.

The life of the vest is influenced by the material of manufacture. Requirements for it are determined by the specifics of future operation:

For conditions of high humidity or bad weather, a model made of waterproof materials is needed – nylon, membrane synthetics.
Systems made using polyester fibers, coarse calico, tarpaulin are more wear-resistant.
Ease of use depends on the weight of the vest. Heavy systems can tire quickly even when there is no load. Wetting of the material of manufacture can also significantly complicate wearing. We recommend purchasing a model with a dead weight of no more than 2 kg.

TOP 8 Unloading Vests

Unloading vests are widespread not only among military personnel, but also among tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, avid fishermen and hunters.

Best Tactical Vests

Such models are an important element of military equipment. They are designed to carry the equipment needed in battle. Tactical vests are made of durable materials and have high protective properties.

#1 Stich Profi Plate Carrier

Stich Profi Plate Carrier

This vest provides for the possibility of modification: if necessary, the owner can install armor plates of various sizes to create an additional level of protection. The presence of an evacuation loop allows you to instantly remove the unloading. The insignia can be fixed on the adhesive panel on the back.

Ventilated cushioning pads ensure comfortable wearing in any weather. Spacious inner pockets protect valuables from external influences. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length and equipped with expansion inserts.

  • quick withdrawal;
  • pockets for armor plates;
  • adjustable size;
  • shock-absorbing lining;
  • durability.
  • high price.

Stich Profi Plate Carrier is suitable for use by law enforcement officers. A reliable solution for carrying a large amount of ammunition.

#2 Wartech Chest RIG TV-101

Wartech Chest RIG TV-101

The model is fixed on the body using semi-automatic fasteners. The belt system can be adjusted depending on the size of the fighter. It also allows the vest to be worn over armor or a padded jacket.

Two rows of pouches provide comfortable carrying of large items, walkie-talkies, flashlights, tools and more. For storing the clips, special pockets are provided that reliably protect the contents from external influences. Drainage holes facilitate rapid drainage of water.

  • spaciousness;
  • snug fit;
  • quick withdrawal;
  • wear resistance;
  • size adjustment.
  • non-removable pockets.

Wartech Chest RIG TV-101 is purchased for carrying weapons and ammunition. An excellent choice for use in all conditions.

#3 KE Tactical Scorpion


The material for the production of “Scorpion” is a polyamide with a high linear density. This ensures the resistance of the vest to tearing and rapid wear. With the help of a ten-level MOLLE carrier platform, the owner can fix a large number of compatible pouches at a convenient height.

Unloading weight 825 g, waist size adjustable between 85-145 centimeters. Special fasteners-jumpers from a flat sling protect the zipper from excessive loads and are adjustable in length. The use of a two-layer AirMesh mesh provides an air gap for rapid heat and moisture removal.

  • size adjustment;
  • comfortable wearing;
  • evacuation loop;
  • high strength;
  • MOLLE mounts.
  • wear for a long time.

KE Tactical “Scorpion” is worth buying for airsoft fans – it is perfect for self-modification.

#4 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest UTG 547


The model lends itself to adjustment both in girth and in length. This ensures comfortable wearing for the wearer of any height and build. Magazine carrying pockets allow you to conveniently place large-sized rifle clips.

The weight of the vest is 1.8 kg. Ventilation system in the front and back, drainage holes in each pouch quickly remove heat and moisture. Lightning is not afraid of high breaking loads. The kit includes a belt with additional pockets.

  • convenient adjustment;
  • comfortable wearing;
  • high strength;
  • effective moisture removal;
  • spaciousness.
  • heavy.

Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is designed for harsh environments. The right choice for law enforcement officers and security companies.

Best Unloading Vests for Hunting and Fishing

Such models are made of lightweight materials and are designed for outdoor use. They are not afraid of getting wet, and also have a large number of universal compartments for carrying the necessary fixtures and accessories.

#5 Shimano Nexus VF-131M

Shimano Nexus VF-131M

The model is made of nylon and polyester – materials with good water repellency that dry quickly. The introduction of the Ventiair system and the presence of wide gaps between the floating elements contributes to heat dissipation and comfortable wearing of the vest in any weather.

Deep inside and outside pockets make it possible to place large items: tackle, baits and other accessories. Thick, high collar keeps the wind out. Anatomical cut and elasticated side parts ensure a snug fit of the vest – regardless of the wearer’s build.

  • wear resistance;
  • spacious pockets;
  • waterproof fabric;
  • high collar;
  • natural ventilation.
  • rather big price.

Shimano Nexus VF-131M is designed for bad weather. This vest will be especially appreciated by lovers of boat fishing.

#6 Tramp Angler


The model is durable, easy to care for, dries quickly after getting wet. 17 external and internal pockets are available to the owner. They are cleverly positioned, equipped with water drain holes and zippered.

The weight of the vest is 2000 g. Available sizes in the manufacturer’s line: S, M, L and XL. The system of small hangers, fasteners and loops makes it easy to carry fishing tackle and small accessories. The two shoulder straps can be adjusted in length for a snug fit.

  • spacious pockets;
  • additional storage systems;
  • drainage;
  • snug fit;
  • wear resistance.
  • too heavy.

The Tramp Angler is suitable for carrying a lot of things. Reliable solution for tough operating conditions.

#7 Rapala Prowear Shallows VEST-S


Two deep chest pockets are equipped with small plastic boxes to protect valuables from water or accidental shock. The shoulders are made of neoprene and help to distribute the weight evenly.

The back of the vest has a wide mesh pocket that can be completely unfastened for improved ventilation. Detachable hook panel for easy storage of small accessories. The padded collar helps keep your hands warm in cold weather, while the padded front compartments keep your hands warm in cold weather.

  • waterproof fabric;
  • comfortable wearing;
  • there is a rod holder;
  • suitable for any weather.
  • no size adjustment.

Shallows VEST-S will be useful for lake or river fishing. Such unloading will suit lovers of wading fishing.

#8 Aquatic DO-10


The waterproof pockets of the model ensure the safety of carrying valuables. Rigid cartridge compartment allows you to fix them in one position. Large-sized folding compartment serves for convenient placement of bulky items.

The vest weighs 400 grams. Fastening with semi-automatic fasteners ensures quick donning and doffing of the system. The length of the straps can be adjusted depending on the height and body characteristics of the wearer.

  • easy;
  • wear-resistant fabric;
  • snug fit;
  • low price.
  • not very roomy.

Aquatic DO-10 should be purchased for amateurs of walking hunting for carrying a small amount of things.

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